It’s more than the 2% we’re led to believe

Understanding inflation is crucial to bettering your finances. It impacts your earnings, spending, and investment returns, which all result in a change to your purchasing power.

It’s worth looking into true inflation and its impact, and not just the CPI number. Investigating the effects of true inflation can change the way you think about money.

What is CPI?

CPI stands for Consumer Price Index. CPI is often used interchangeably with inflation because CPI measures the change in prices over time that consumers pay for goods and services.

The bureau of labor statistics defines CPI as,

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure…

In 2016–2017 it was pot stocks. In 2020–2021 it’s EV stocks. And in a few years, it will be quantum computing stocks.

As is often the case, there are industries that offer innovation and potential returns years before profits are made. A few years ago marijuana companies saw their share prices skyrocket as legalization crept across states. Recreational marijuana is still not legalized on the federal level. These companies have seen their share prices fall as they haven’t been able to produce revenue and profit numbers that meet analysts’ expectations.

Tesla has been on a remarkable ride the last few…

Living as cheap as possible for future wealth

I love music. Spotify is one of, if not my most used app. But today I canceled my premium Spotify subscription, all so I could save a few dollars.

Being a recent graduate, I had a student premium plan. It costs me $4.99 a month ($5.31 after-tax). It also came with Hulu, which was a great package.

I was able to keep my student plan after graduating because I’m going back for my master's degree. But Spotify’s student plan comes with a caveat.

It’s only available for four 12 month periods.

My time was up; Spotify wanted to now charge…

Changes to my portfolio to reflect changes in the market

Before jumping straight to conclusions from the article title, hear me out.

I recently sold most of my bitcoin holding. I’ll explain how much, why, and what I plan to do with my money now.

My Former Bitcoin Position

I started buying into bitcoin on December 22, 2020 — after long financial discussions with Isaiah McCall and the changing narrative around cryptocurrency.

I love the stock market but the crypto market wasn’t my bread and butter. After watching others make a profit and wanting to learn, I put money in, with bitcoin being my first cryptocurrency purchase.

(For those that don’t know, you can…

Annualized figures will stay above desired amounts

The headline news from Thursday’s inflation report was that consumer prices rose 5% from last year.

That’s not an ideal number. It’s far higher than most people’s annual salary increase.

But to play devil’s advocate, the 5% increase shows the difference between May 2021 and May 2020. A year ago, May 2020 was the height of the pandemic’s economic madness and had just seen two straight months of deflation.

A bigger concern should be the recent monthly increases.

Monthly Increases

After seeing deflation during some pandemic months, the last twelve months have all seen positive inflation numbers.

Below is a table showing…

The journey to financial literacy is not as scary as it appears

Investing isn’t easy.

Finance professionals love to use overly complicated acronyms and words such as EBITDA or discounted cash flow (DCF) to make investing seem like only a select few can understand it.

But, like anything, investing can be easy when broken down into simple parts. Also, there is now an abundance of resources available to better understand investing and finance.

We’ve teamed up with Fantasy Invest to showcase some of the best resources and applications available to investors.

The infographic below gives beginners, and experienced investors, many options of instruments that can help increase their investing knowledge and get…

The headache and emotions were too much

“What goes up, must come down” or so they say.

That phrase did reveal itself as true back in February when stocks like GameStop and AMC tumbled after weeks of being propped up from Reddit.

And those stocks, led by AMC, were after it again this past week.

After being up almost 100% on Wednesday, AMC had a rollercoaster day of prices Thursday. AMC shares went from being up 20% early premarket, to down 10% premarket on the report that AMC was issuing more shares. …

A low risk, low reward investment

Bonds are an essential financial instrument in our society. In short, a bond is an I.O.U. Investopedia defines a bond as a

fixed income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower

While bonds are important for society, they also impact many individual investors.

I had never considered investing in bonds directly until a comment by Mack Carter on a recent article I wrote offering some investing alternatives to a savings account.

Bonds are usually more complicated instruments to understand, in comparison to stocks. But there are many items needed for consideration before investing in bonds.

Are you already exposed to bonds?

After 35 years of consecutive raises

AT&T($T) is a big-time dividend stock. While they aren’t considered the most exciting investment, when people look for a solid dividend stock to invest in, AT&T is always at the top of the list.

They have great cash flow, market share, and most importantly, an abundance of cash.

To keep investors interested, they offer an extremely high dividend yield. At the time of writing, their dividend yield is 6.93%.

That come out to a quarterly dividend of $0.52, or $2.08 a year, while the stock price is just around $30.

But the recent news of AT&T’s restructuring has changed the…

Grow your wealth with passive income

Saving accounts don’t offer much in terms of returns. Right now I’m only getting 0.40% APY on mine.

What they do offer is security. It’s important to keep a safe amount of money in your savings account in case of emergencies or unexpected bills.

But once you’ve reached that safe amount, your money should be spread elsewhere. Adding to your savings account beyond what is needed isn’t helping your wealth grow. With what little amounts of interest saving accounts offer customers, your money loses purchasing power, especially with the inflation we are seeing today.

Here are some alternative locations to…

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