It’s more than the 2% we’re led to believe

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Understanding inflation is crucial to bettering your finances. It impacts your earnings, spending, and investment returns, which all result in a change to your purchasing power.

It’s worth looking into true inflation and its impact, and not just the CPI number. Investigating the effects of true inflation can change the way you think about money.

What is CPI?

CPI stands for Consumer Price Index. CPI is often used interchangeably with inflation because CPI measures the change in prices over time that consumers pay for goods and services.

The bureau of labor statistics defines CPI as,

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure…

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In 2016–2017 it was pot stocks. In 2020–2021 it’s EV stocks. And in a few years, it will be quantum computing stocks.

As is often the case, there are industries that offer innovation and potential returns years before profits are made. A few years ago marijuana companies saw their share prices skyrocket as legalization crept across states. Recreational marijuana is still not legalized on the federal level. These companies have seen their share prices fall as they haven’t been able to produce revenue and profit numbers that meet analysts’ expectations.

Tesla has been on a remarkable ride the last few…

An Update on the semiconductor industry and supply issues

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Months back I wrote an article titled How to Make Money Off This “Chip Shortage.”

That was back in mid-February. At the time I was sick of hearing about how there was a shortage of semiconductor chips and the issues it was causing. Unfortunately, the issue is still around, even worse now, and will be a prolonged one.

In the previous article, I explained what semiconductor chips are, why there was a shortage, and some stocks to look into. …

Can these companies continue their run as they report earnings this week?

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The market has been ripping in 2021. The S&P 500 is up 19% since the beginning of the year. And with the exception of it being down 2% on Monday (07/19) it has constantly been hitting new highs.

While the market recovery back in Spring 2020 was led by big tech, there hasn’t been as much coverage of these companies since.

Unsurprisingly though, big tech stocks have still been doing extremely well. They are up double digits for the past year, with most of them up more than the S&P 500 is.

For reference, I am referring to ‘big tech’…

Findings from Credit Suisse’s global wealth report

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Each year, Credit Suisse publishes a global wealth report analyzing the wealth of billions of people worldwide.

The 2021 report can be found here. Previous years can also be found there.

And in case reading a PDF on global wealth doesn’t sound appealing to you, I plan to showcase the highlights in this article because there are some valuable takeaways.

Invest, invest and invest

If there is one thing that was made clear to me from the pandemic, it's the fact that investing is essential. Hard work alone won’t accomplish your dreams. Having your money effortlessly work for you will.

The stock market returned…

Become a millionaire over decades, not overnight

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Time is everything when it comes to the stock market. And while Isaac Newton coined the phrase “what goes up must come down,” that doesn’t seem to apply to the stock market.

It is foolish to think the stock market can not go down, but it is practical to assume it will go up over the long term. All the evidence needed is a chart of the overall market from 1960, 1980, or 2000. The common denominator between all those years — they were a long time ago.

There is always risk when investing in the market and some of…

A user’s review of Fundrise after two months | Canva

Real estate investing was not in my plan. At least not at my current age. But due to the changing landscape, I have now been invested in real estate for two months via Fundrise.

As a result of the pandemic and actions taken by the Federal Reserve and government, asset prices have skyrocketed in the past year-plus. This mainly includes stocks and real estate.

The stock market was up 15% in 2020 and 14% in the first half of 2021 alone. Housing prices are also at record highs — with prices seeing a 14% year-over-year gain in April.

But let’s…

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Thousands of years ago, it was fire. In the 1800’s, it was electricity. And in the future, it will be artificial intelligence.

These discoveries have or (in the case of AI) will change the trajectory of mankind. While fire and the commercialization of electricity weren’t financial successes’ the world is vastly different now because of them.

AI not only has the potential to change the world, but to make investors rich along the way.

The number-one thing that we know is just the widespread potential applicability. That said, we’re quite early in terms of the adoption of these technologies, so…

What they are and how you can participate

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It takes money to make money.

That’s the sad truth, but known reality. It’s no secret that the stock market is a great way to build wealth, generating annual returns of around 11%. Even with the high inflation numbers of today, stocks not only protect purchasing power but adds to it.

In recent decades, technology has provided easier access to the stock market for individuals. Now there are many informational resources and technological applications to help individuals build wealth.

But after getting a fix of stocks, and then possibly cryptocurrencies and real estate, where can investors turn to next? …

Living as cheap as possible for future wealth

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I love music. Spotify is one of, if not my most used app. But today I canceled my premium Spotify subscription, all so I could save a few dollars.

Being a recent graduate, I had a student premium plan. It costs me $4.99 a month ($5.31 after-tax). It also came with Hulu, which was a great package.

I was able to keep my student plan after graduating because I’m going back for my master's degree. But Spotify’s student plan comes with a caveat.

It’s only available for four 12 month periods.

My time was up; Spotify wanted to now charge…

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